Adulting Sucks!

Adulting sucks, there I said it. Now what does that have to do with you fandomaniacs? Well while I wish I was creating and designing, I am doing a much needed backend overhaul.

So waaay back in May I began changing the prices on a lot of items as my costs came down so I in turn slashed prices for you fandomaniacs. Here we are in July and I am still doing that and a lot more. 

Delays, delays, and organizing

I have never owned this kind of business before. That being said I have had a bit of a "crisis" on how to organize the site properly. Out backend was a mess. I am fixing that and making it (hopefully) more user friendly and streamline.

We have added sections for t-shirts, hoodies, patches, pins, and more. Which means I need to go In and rework the backend (cause as previously stated, I have not owned a business like this before) so you can actually see what we have to sell!

New Size Charts

So while in the backend I noticed that we weren't as streamlined with our size charts, so that is changing.

You will now be seeing a size chart (in pink) banner. and a tape measure size chart under quantity.

After you click either one of those, this will pop up next.

Our brand new size charts. 

Just a couple of the things we are doing to make things easier for you, our loyal fandomaniacs.

Until next time-


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