A Site Is Born

Welcome to Fandom-Made.com. Let me tell you how a site is born and some info on me. My name is Jenn and I am the founder of the site FandemoniumNetwork.com. Having our hand on the pulse of pop-culture we (the team at FN) noticed something missing, Fan gear. 

Yes, I know there are tons of options for some of the bigger characters, but not always for the second tier of characters. For example, I was, ehmm, am a Twilight fan, and whilst there were plenty of things around if you were a Cullen fan, not so much if you were a Volturi fan, such as myself. So I started creating right then and there, well for myself.

Fast forward a few years and a site is born. I am still a fangirl and I still love those harder to find characters and hard to find fandoms, and come to find out there are others in the same boat as me. So I gathered my best and brightest friends to collaborate on Fandom Made. 

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