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Edward And Bella Prom Kiss Pin

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Edward And Bella Prom Kiss Pin

The Twilight Prom scene made us all swoon. I mean Edward Cullen, willing to change you to be like him, how could we not swoon? These Tecre brand pins feature a steel inner shell, pinned magnetic metal backing, and glossy mylar/UV cover for durability. We created the "Edward and Bella Prom Kiss," designed to keep this memory with us forever. The cover also protects your designs from scratching and fading in the sun.

.: Materials: steel inner shell and mylar/UV cover
.: Available in 4 sizes
.: Pinned magnetic metal backing
.: Scratch-resistant glossy finish
.: Made in the USA

  • I'm so happy with my purchase!

    Love love love!

  • The best thing ever!

    Just when I lost all hope of finding Volturi designs, fandom-made.com came through!

  • No complaints.

    How can I complain? They have Fergus and Marsali designs! No one else has Farsali!

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